August ‘23: New Mobicom paper proposes the use of street view images for efficient vehicular mmWave links.

July ‘23: Our NSDI paper presents a high-speed mmWave commodity WiFi backscatter system.

May ‘23: New Ubicomp/IMWUT paper on creating synthetic smartwatch IMU data from in-the-wild videos.

April ‘23: Our Sigmetrics paper presents a new approach to reduce beamforming overhead in mmWave WLANs.

Oct. ‘22: New SenSys paper on supporting high-quality volumetric video streaming over mmWave networks.

Jul. ‘22: Our mmWave backscatter work wins the Best Paper Award at MobiSys 2022!

Jun. ‘22: New MobiSys paper on high sensitivity mmWave backscattering using FMCW radars.

Apr. ‘22: Our new IEEE S&P paper demonstrates an accelerometer-based acoustic eavesdropping.

Aug. ‘21: New HotNets paper on multi-user volumetric video streaming over mmWave links.

May ‘21: Very excited to have received the NSF CAREER award. Our project will investigate low-power mmWave networking and sensing systems.

Jun. ‘20: Our WinTech workshop (@MobiCom 2020) paper presents a feasibility study of enabling backscattering at mmWave using commodity 802.11ad devices.

Feb. ‘20: New IEEE SECON 2020 paper on mmWave-based device-free hand and body sentence recognition.

Jan. ‘20: Our ACM UbiComp/IMWUT 2020 paper develops an environment-independent gesture recognition system using 60 GHz mmWave signals.

Apr. ‘19: Ljiljana Simić and I are organizing the 3rd Workshop on Millimeter-wave Networks and Sensing Systems (mmNets ‘19), co-located with ACM MobiCom 2019.

Feb. ‘19: Our IoTDI ‘19 paper proposes a novel mmWave sensing scheme for SSC estimation.

Mar. ‘18: Our MobiHoc ‘18 paper develops a novel coordination scheme to combat blockages in 60 GHz mmWave WLANs.

Jul. ‘17: New SenSys paper proposes WiFi-assisted non-intrusive occupancy sensing for smart buildings and cities.

Mar. ‘17: Our SECON ‘17 paper proposes acoustic communication for proximity sensing on wearable devices.

Nov. ‘16: Our MotionSync work was a best paper award finalist at ACM BuildSys ‘16.

Oct. ‘16: Paper accepted in ACM BuildSys ‘16 proposing the use of wearables and IoTs for personal energy analytics.

Jul. ‘16: Our VLCS (MobiCom ‘16 workshop) paper proposes a hybrid WiFi-VLC network architecture using power lines.

Apr. ‘16: Our work on contact-free vital sign monitoring using 60 GHz millimeter wave signals will appear in ACM MobiHoc 2016.

Jan. ‘16: WiFi gait-based person identification research to appear in IEEE/ACM IPSN 2016.

Dec. ‘15: Our ACM HotMobile 2016 paper uncovers privacy leakage in BLE traffic of wearable fitness trackers.