Current Research Projects

Millimeter-wave for Multi-user Extended Reality
The project investigates cross-layer techniques that can enable a high-quality immersive experience through extended reality (AR/VR/MR) over high-speed, unreliable mmWave wireless networks.

Efficient Millimeter-wave networking through coordination
The main goal of the project is to develop a new class of techniques that exploits network level coordination between access points in mmWave WiFi to reduce beamforming overhead, improve coverage and blockage resilience.

Securing RIS-assisted NextG millimeter-wave communication
The focus of the project is to secure RIS-assisted mmWave networks from adversarial transmissions through development of authentication and physical layer key generation techniques.
  • Project Website; Collaborator: Kai Zeng, Vijay Shah (Mason), Jacek Kibilda (VT)
  • Selected Publications: Coming soon..

Millimeter-wave and wearable sensing
The project focuses on how mmWave radars and WiFi devices can be leveraged for creating a low-cost sensing modality through infrastructure reuse with application in sign language recognition for deaf and hard-of-hearing.

Millimeter-wave IoTs through backscattering
The major goal of this project is to create high-speed, low-power mmWave IoT devices through backscattering and devise protocols for their seamless integration for mmWave networking and sensing.

Efficient and accurate wireless propagation prediction
Through this project, we are aiming to develop a novel framework for RF propagation prediction which embeds the environment information (e.g., 3D maps of buildings) directly into the ray tracing process through the use of deep learning.
  • Project Website; Collaborator: AT&T Labs
  • Selected Publications: Coming soon..

Millimeter-wave networking for high-speed CPS
The project aims at developing novel, custom-tailored solutions for challenges associated with mmWave networks operating in cyber physical systems such as vehicles, UAVs, and UGVs with high-speed mobility and transcience.
  • Project Website; Collaborator: Robert Ulman (ARL), Robert Simon (Mason), Prasant Mohapatra (UC Davis)
  • Selected Publications: MobiCom '23